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How to choose the right sink

Features to look for

How to choose a kitchen sink

The sink is the most important workplace in the kitchen. 60% of time spent in the kitchen is spent at the sink. After all, food preparation, washing and cutting are important tasks which should be as efficient as possible and which no kitchen appliance can do for you.

Sensible space utilisation, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning - BLANCO solutions incorporate these benefits into all products – with outstanding design on top.

Learn what is important when choosing the right sink centre.

Size of kitchen cabinet


BLANCO offers a wide range of sinks to fit most standard cabinet sizes. Standard kitchen cabinets come in size increments of 3" (for example 18", 21" 24", 27”, 30”, 33”, 36” etc). Your kitchen cabinet size needs to be verified before selecting a kitchen sink.

Bowl Configuration and Depth


Choose a bowl configuration based on how you use your kitchen. Single bowl sinks are popular for their functionality and generous bowl size. Multiple users may prefer two bowls for added washing space. Bowl depth is also important to consider, as deeper sinks allow more room for items like tall pots.



The right combination of sink, faucet and colours creates an ambiance that matches any home living style. BLANCO offers sinks in Stainless Steel , SILGRANIT® and Fireclay . Our stainless steel sinks are crafted of the highest quality steel, made to our own specifications. SILGRANIT® is colorful and easy to clean. And fireclay delivers lustrous beauty with a durable, shock-resistant surface.

Installation Method


BLANCO sinks come in undermount, drop-in, and MicroEdge™ installations. See our installations methods page for detailed information.

Sink Accessories


Our sink bowls and accessories are designed to match each other perfectly. Sink Accessories add functionality to your sink, and allow you to create your own personalized kitchen workstation. View our full line of custom accessories here .