STEELART Sink Designs

Flawless Engineering. Matchless Quality.


Elevated Elegance.

The innovative STEELART® top-mounted bowl with the elegant and exclusive BLANCO ATTIKA™ frame appeals for its filigree yet solid looks and gentle contours. BLANCO ATTIKA™ features a special elevated rim and generously proportioned handmade bowl with user-friendly depth of 10" (175 mm). Its solid yet delicately formed 10 mm radius corners will appeal to those who appreciate pure and efficient design. BLANCO ATTIKA™ will delight architecturally-minded planners and builders in particular but will also be appreciated by individuals who take pleasure in exceptional accent items.

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Where elegance meets pure design and innovation.

The BLANCO RADIUS™ 10 collection features elegant, slightly rounded 10mm seams that are smooth to the touch and practical in every kitchen. Handcrafted from premium 18-gauge stainless steel, BLANCO RADIUS™ 10 series reflects BLANCO’s commitment to superior quality, technology and design innovation. BLANCO pioneered 10mm radius corners in its finest form. Made by artisans with their craftsmanship skills, BLANCO RADIUS™ 10 sinks are one of the many innovations in the STEELART® selection. BLANCO sinks and faucets are supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Handcrafted precision in every detail.

BLANCO PRECISION™ collection offers the finest craftsmanship of our STEELART® technology. A wide product assortment represents quality and design innovation. From undermount sinks with crisp lines and zero radius corners, to apron front style and top-mounted MicroEdge®, BLANCO PRECISION™ products are the ultimate choice in kitchen design with a seamless appearance. BLANCO sinks and faucets are supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

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