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Kitchen Sinks to Suit any Style

Make a statement with a sink from BLANCO.

The kitchen sink is one of the most used areas of the kitchen. It's important to choose a sink that fits the way you live - from preparing food, to cleaning up after a meal, to washing your dishes and utensils. There are many elements to consider when selecting a kitchen sink:

  • Bowl configuration: Spacious single bowl kitchen sinks are on trend right now, but you may prefer the functionality of a double bowl sink for washing and rinsing dishes. Low divide sinks are also a great option that provides the look of a single bowl with the functionality of a double bowl sink.
  • Material: Do you like the look of a stainless steel kitchen sink, or do you prefer color and durability like our granite composite SILGRANIT sinks? Fireclay kitchen sinks are also durable and easy to clean, and lend farmhouse style to the kitchen.
  • Size and Depth: Kitchen sink bowl depth is an important factor to consider. Deeper kitchen sinks provide more space in order to wash dishes or large items like pots, pans and cookie sheets, but you may consider a more shallow kitchen sink depth for ease of use,

Types of Kitchen Sinks Materials

BLANCO offers kitchen sinks in 3 materials: stainless steel , SILGRANIT® and fireclay . Our stainless steel kitchen sinks are crafted of the highest quality steel, made to our own specifications. SILGRANIT sinks are crafted of our own patented granite composite material which is beautifully designed and scientifically proven to be ultra durable and easy to clean. And fireclay sinks deliver lustrous beauty with a durable surface.

How To Select a Kitchen Sink: Insider Tips

Have you ever wondered what features to look for when selecting a kitchen sink? How can you be sure that you're purchasing a quality product? Our Insider Tips video provides a helpful overview of what to consider before purchasing a sink for your kitchen.

Care and Cleaning for Kitchen Sinks

It is important to properly clean your BLANCO kitchen sink. Click here to Learn more with our helpful kitchen sink care and cleaning instructions and videos.

How to Clean BLANCO kitchen sinks

Click the following link to Learn how to clean your BLANCO sink and faucet with our helpful instructions and videos

Accessories for Kitchen Sinks

A Kitchen sink can easily be customized for the way you live by adding accessories. Accessories allow you to personalize your kitchen sink workstation, making it functional for everyday use.