FAQ - How to Install BLANCO Sinks

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FAQ BLANCO sinks installation methods
Why are most BLANCO sink drains rear-positioned?

As long as we’ve been in business, our goal has been to provide you with the ultimate in kitchen sink efficiency and innovation. Rear sink drains maximize the functionality and usable bottom space of the bowl. They also create extra cabinet storage beneath the sink, by enabling drainpipes and garbage disposals to be installed at the rear of the kitchen cabinet. It may be incidental and overlooked by others. We, on the other hand, weigh and consider each and every detail.

What is “Reveal” as it relates to undermount sink installations?

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What kind of sealant should be used when installing the basket strainers in a Silgranit II sink?

We recommend using silicone for the sealant and not plumbers putty.

What is the is the correct method for installing a drop-in SILGRANIT II sink?