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Inside a kitchen tap

The most important tap components at a glance

The cartridge
A cartridge regulates the water flow and the combination of cold and hot water. BLANCO has developed particularly long-lasting cartridges that reduce to a minimum the noise the water makes in conjunction with the housing, pipes and jet regulator. And should the cartridge ever start to leak, it is easy to replace in all BLANCO kitchen tap models, making sure that you keep on being happy with our mixer taps.

cartridge of a mixer tap

Side view of a BLANCO cartridge

Top view of the tap cartridge

Top view of the cartridge

High-quality, ceramic tap seals

High-quality, ceramic seals

The jet regulator

The jet regulator
It enriches the water from the pipe with air and ensures that the jet of water is nice and regular. At the same time, the jet regulator minimizes water consumption. Because high-quality plastics are used, BLANCO jet regulators are easy to descale and clean. A bonus for hygiene and the environment!

non-return valve

The non-return valve in the spray
A non-return valve ensures even greater safety when rinsing off. Even if the spray is left lying in the washing-up water in your kitchen sink , dirty water cannot get into the drinking water supply – so the drinking water cannot be contaminated. A bonus for the environment and for hygiene.

The connection pipes

The connection pipes
Modern kitchen taps are fitted with flexible, plastic connection pipes, usually surrounded by a wire sheath. Make sure that these are not too short for the mixer tap to be connected quickly and easily. Only materials that are tested and ecologically safe are used for BLANCO pipes, so that no hazardous materials, such as plasticizers or heavy metals can get into your drinking water. A bonus for your health!

The body of the mixer tap
The housing of the kitchen tap is made of metal. BLANCO only uses high-quality, ecologically safe alloys for this, or perhaps solid stainless steel for exclusive models. A bonus for ease of care, greater durability and improved hygiene!