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Crockery basket CRON brown, metal, laminated 137363
available until 05/2002
Crockery basket CRON white, metal, laminated 137369
available until 08/2008
Crockery basket PLUS beige, Metal laminated 137878
available until 02/2000
Crockery basket PLUS brown, Metal laminated 137879
available until 02/2001
Crockery Basket FLEX / TOP stainless steel, Stainless steel 514238
The crockery basket is delivered since 01.04.2017 with black feet in drop shape instead of white feet in button shape.
Lay-on drainer SteelArt, stainless steel/plastic, black 223067
The anti-slip (feet) can not be exchanged, since they are secured with adhesive! If this has come loose, 4x211385 can be used.
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