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Sustainability as a principle

Sustainability as a principle

The general principle of sustainability focuses on a future-proof life, and is intended to ensure that the way we use and consume resources today does not restrict the requirements of future generations. What we understand under sustainability is respect in how we treat everything in our care.

BLANCO adopted this attitude more than two decades ago, and anchored aspects of ecological, economical, and social sustainability in its corporate policy. We consider sustainable corporate development to be an important prerequisite for economic sustainability and permanent success.

For instance, as far back as 1993 the company approved the post of Environmental and Hazardous Substances Officer. Just two years later, Public Relations and Environment were adopted in the corporate guidelines. For many years BLANCO has been a member of B.A.U.M, and in 2008 received the BAUM environmental award.

In 2012, the roof of the Bruchsal logistics centre was fitted with a solar energy facility delivering a peak output of 900 kilowatts and so saving over 600 tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions to our environment. A further contribution to reduced CO2 emissions is provided by the environmentally friendly Sulzfeld combined heat and power plant.

Especially to us as a family run enterprise rooted in the region, our environment in the truest sense of the word is the world where we and the families of our employees live. This must be preserved and protected. That is why our responsibility towards the protection of the environment is anchored on the management level.

Our current topics:

- Solar energy facility in Bruchsal

- Combined heat and power plant in Sulzfeld

- ISO 50001 energy management