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Oberderdingen - Administration V5

Long termed and reliable

BLANCO considers its suppliers as important partners. With their innovativeness, quality and reliability, they are an important factor in the company's productivity.

As a partnership is always based on mutual trust, BLANCO strives for long-lasting, reliable associations with its suppliers. We incorporate our suppliers in development projects at an early stage. All our sourcing is international, and we are always pleased to work with regional suppliers. In fact, we have been working with several of them for many years. Our activities are always based on our stringent and fair "Code of Conduct" for suppliers.

We make sure that our suppliers also comply with our ethical standards and policies.

Our principles

  • Our relationships are based on mutual trust.
  • We strive towards reliable long-term relationships.
  • We assess the performance of our suppliers and loaners in accordance with discerning yet fair criteria.
  • We involve our suppliers at an early stage in the development of our products and problem solutions.
  • Our purchasing market is international. Competitive local suppliers are given particular opportunities.

The supplier portal is the communication platform with existing and new potential suppliers of BLANCO GmbH + Co KG. Within this portal you can administrate and modify your company data and documents. Further you can exchange documents and communicate directly with your responsible purchaser as well.

BLANCO wants to strengthen the relationship with the suppliers and integrate them more in internal processes.

Support needed?

Please contact supplier@blanco.de: supplier@blanco.de?subject=Lieferantenportal%20|%20Problem

For the supplier portal you can not use electronic devices like smartphones, tablets etc.