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A single-lever mixer for the kitchen

To save you water, energy and time.

The single-lever mixer in the kitchen is probably the most frequently used device in the home. It is operated 75 times a day, on average. Depending on the number of people in the household, this amounts to a good 200,000 uses that the mixer tap has to cope with over the years. So you need quality, durability and products that are user-friendly.

Save water, energy and time
Most kitchen buyers opt for a single-lever mixer, so that the water is available quickly, at the required temperature. The flow rate and heat of the precious liquid can be easily adjusted with a flick of the wrist. The position of the lever provides additional, visual information, so that the desired result can be achieved even faster.

Not much of the water running away through the outlet is unused – and reducing the consumption of hot and cold water is good for the wallet.


A wide range of different designs
Single-lever mixers are available in all price ranges - and in many different designs:
Particularly popular are models with a lever on top of the tap, or solutions with a control element at the side, allowing some models to offer a special version for left-handed users.

Single-lever mixers with a separate control element are another option. These give added flexibility, as right or left of the spout are not the only options for the control - it can also be fitted at the front of the sink, an interesting approach for users with restricted mobility, for example.

BLANCO ALTA-S Compact Vario

Attractive, additional functions for greater comfort
The working radius of your single-lever mixer can be greatly increased with an extending spray . This makes it easier to fill pots and vases, as well as to clean the area round the sink.

Changeover spray hoses have two spray types for additional comfort. The powerful spray jet offers valuable support for cleaning vegetables and everyday chores in the kitchen are so much easier.

Single-lever mixers that can be lowered or removed are available for installing in front of a window, so that you will still be able to open the window without difficulty.

Additional features such as an integrated shut-off valve for the washing machine or dishwasher connection , or an integrated, remote-control pop-up , make single-lever mixers more attractive.

Watch out for quality
Kitchen taps are generally exposed to heavy use. Which is why BLANCO only uses really high-quality components . But this does not only relate to the durability of the components, it also applies to the aspects of the Drinking Water Ordinance that are relevant to health. BLANCO kitchen taps are subject to the most stringent quality controls and meet the high standards of voluntary DVGW certification. So you can be really happy with your single-lever mixer.