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What a good mixer tap can do for a kitchen.

Practical tips for choosing a mixer tap.

The mixer tap in the kitchen is the central drawing point for drinking water and on average, is used 75 times a day. Once you realize that, there can be no compromise and you will look for high-quality products with contemporary features.

Because you have to be happy with your new mixer tap over the long term.

Single-lever mixer or twin-handle mixer tap

The single-lever mixer is becoming increasingly popular. Both the temperature and flow of the water can be regulated with just one hand – a crucial advantage compared to traditional, twin-handle mixer taps .
Another plus point is that a single-lever mixer uses less water than twin-handle mixer taps, because the temperature is adjusted quickly, without having to run the water for a long time.

twin-handle mixer tap BLANCO TERA
BLANCO ALTA Compact vario

A pull-out spray or mousseur increases the working radius considerably, compared to kitchen taps with a cylindrical spout. Your cooking vessels do not have to be in the sink for you to fill them, you can rinse dirt away from the bowl, or clean the sink drainer.

Many sprays can be switched from a normal jet to a spray jet - a practical detail, especially when cleaning vegetables.

Mousseur sprays are the ideal solution for kitchen taps that give prominence to the architecturally ambitious look of an L-shaped or U-shaped spout.

Mixer taps for the kitchen that can do even more.
Kitchen taps must suit the kitchen perfectly. Which is why some BLANCO mixer taps excel with additional functions.
Virtually any sink can be positioned in front of the kitchen window with special window mixer taps , as they can be easily removed or lowered to allow the window to open. And if you always want to be in control of the water supply to the dishwasher or washing machine, you will opt for a kitchen tap with an integrated shut-off valve.

Retractable mixer tap

Mixer tap for in front of the window installation

Built-in check valve

Built-in shut-off valve

A variety of designs, shapes and colours.
BLANCO kitchen taps are available in many different versions.

We are Germany's leading supplier of kitchen taps and mainly base our designs on timelessly elegant shapes and innovative concepts that have already received numerous design awards.

Opt for the product that best suits your kitchen and your style - the choice is yours.

The same applies to surface finishes and colours. Because many mixer tap models also have a SILGRANIT look or a ceramic look. These perfectly matched finishes in the original sink colours lend a beautiful harmony to the sink and mixer ensemble.