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Sensor technology redefined


Full hands. Running water. An inspired idea.

Everyone is familiar with the situation of having both hands full in the kitchen, whether you’re mixing ingredients for a birthday cake or marinating the Sunday roast. And it’s just then that you need some water.

The SOLENTA-S Senso from BLANCO has just the smart system to help, and is setting a new benchmark with its innovative sensor technology and start-stop function. The intelligent motion sensor activates and deactivates the water flow completely touchless, as if by magic.

The rotating sensor is integrated into the spout arm, giving it a whole new functionality. Meanwhile, the optimal trigger range around the sensor prevents it from being activated unintentionally. This ensures convenient operation, with only a gentle movement required to get the water running, whenever you need it. The blue LED display in the spout arm shows the operating mode. A permanent light indicates stand-by status. If the water is being controlled by the sensor, it flashes.

What makes the SOLENTA-S Senso unique?


The start-stop function with touchless sensor technology means that you can now prepare meals much more ergonomically and efficiently.


SOLENTA-S Senso automatically stops using the water after 90 seconds. This prevents overflowing and leaves you free to concentrate on other tasks.


The dual spray hose gives you the choice of a jet spray for washing remnants of food off your dishes, or a wide spray for filling pots.


The sensor’s near field detection function responds to any movement within an ergonomically optimal distance of up to 6 cm.

Discover useful situations where the SOLENTA-S Senso can make it easier for you