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2015 an excellent financial year for sink and mixer tap specialist BLANCO

The best year in the history of the company


€350 million turn over / A strong overall growth of more than 12 percent / World market leadership in composite granite sinks expanded further / Top positioning on the German market in kitchen mixer taps once again strengthened / BLANCO continues to invest in growth / 1,400 employees

Blanco, the largest producer of kitchen sinks in Germany and worldwide one of the leading manufacturers of sinks and mixer taps recorded significant growth in the last financial year.

At the annual press conference on 1 June 2016 the executive board presented these impressive figures. The company, which is based in Oberderdingen in southwest Germany, achieved €350 million consolidated total sales. This enabled Blanco to increase its turnover by €38 in comparison to the financial year 2014 – a record growth of more than 12 percent. Achim Schreiber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the company happily announced that this was the best year in the history of the company: “In a very competitive business environment we were able to continue to follow our growth course in both Germany and abroad.”

On the German domestic market the sink and mixer tap specialist boosted its turnover by 7.4% to €124 million. On the international market Blanco recorded an significant growth of 14.9% reaching a total of €227 million. Thus, a staggering 65% of earned revenue was generated abroad. Blanco has strengthened its workforce worldwide and now has 1400 employees, 1040 being in the various German facilities in Baden-Württemberg.

Last year the company invested the significant sum of €21.9 million mainly in its facilities in Germany. The largest share went to fund the new fully automated high bay warehouse and the extension of the existing commissioning area of the logistic centre in Bruchsal. The state-of-the-art facility is now well positioned to continue to guarantee the customers the highest level of delivery performance. Furthermore, investments were made in particular in the expansion and modernization of production technologies, e.g., in the production site in Sulzfeld, where stainless steel sinks are manufactured for the worldwide market. In the composite granite and sink plant in Sinsheim investments were aimed at extending the production capacity. This was similar in the plant Toronto, Canada, which primarily serves the North American market. Additional investments focused on optimizing energy efficiency and smart building technologies.

Blanco started the year 2016 well. In summing up Achim Schreiber stated that the turnover development in the first months of 2016 was in line with its growth plans. The consumer climate is good. The zero interest rate policy on savings and minimal interest rates on loans will continue to keep the willingness of the consumer to buy high quality furnishings such as new kitchen on a high level. Nevertheless, a strong competitive business environment and a continued high volatility of many international markets are creating challenges for Blanco. A highly motivated and engaged Blanco team will rise to meet what the future will bring. Furthermore, the multi-functionality of the modern kitchen portrays a certain life style. The kitchen is today is a hub of activity not only for cooking but also for spending time with family and friends. It is becoming more and more a representative prestige object. Due to this it is all the more important that we at Blanco enthrall our customers and end-consumers with well and precisely thought-through sinks, mixer taps and waste systems. We will continue to concentrate on making this central part of the kitchen as user-friendly and as attractive as possible.

A further improvement of the market position at home and abroad
Last year Blanco grew significantly in comparison to the market and further improved its market position. Considering the generally difficult economic situation the dynamic growth of Blanco was all the more pleasing to see. Achim Schreiber commented that the growth engines were driven by the success of the international subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Canada and the UK. Despite having to deal with at times very volatile markets, with its strong international focus Blanco was able to once again increase its turnover. The excellent market expertise and country specific product portfolio have considerably contributed to the exceptional success of the company.

Great success: Silgranit sinks and Blanco mixer taps
The company, which has its own in-house manufacturing of sinks in all three materials, stainless steel, composite granite and ceramic, has presented numerous new and innovative products. The premium Silgranit sink Blanco Zenar XL 6S SteamerPlus offers a very practical and smart solution for food preparation and steam cooking. This goes to show once again the innovative strength and market awareness of Blanco. Moreover, the new material generation of Silgranit sinks received excellent resonance from the market and allowed Blanco to again expand its world leadership position.

The business unit kitchen mixer taps has continued to develop excellently. The comprehensive and precisely matched mixer tap programme offers kitchen planning the largest possible choice and level of flexibility with numerous practical solutions. For the last 15 years on the German market Blanco has remained the unchallenged leader and has extended its leadership position (et al, Heinze Sanitär–Panel 2015). Numerous innovation- and design awards for sinks and mixer taps underline the high expectations the company has regarding aesthetics and quality.

Blanco: an attractive employer
Blanco lays great emphasis on offering highly qualified apprenticeships – and further training programme. In 2015 52 young people completed their qualifications at Blanco, whereby 23 of these were in the field of commercial business management. Blanco Move, an individual training programme for university graduates, is aimed at specifically developing and qualifying young high potentials.

Workplace wellness is also a very important topic for the company which is one of the biggest employers in the region. Many varying possibilities are available to the employees to help support physical- and mental wellness at work. The workforce can also profit from a number of co-operations with local institutions to better coordinate work and child- or eldercare. A new program “Blanco Balance” has been introduced to specifically target workplace mental wellness and professional external experts are available if additional support is needed.

The “Top Employer” prize awarded by the Focus magazine following a national survey carried out in cooperation with Statista, career-orientated social network site Xing and the employer rating platform Kununu, places Blanco firmly among the best employers in Germany. A comprehensive certification by an independent Top Employer Institute, confirming the highest level of personnel management at the sink and mixer tap specialist, followed shortly afterwards.

When it comes to taking care of the environment, Blanco sets itself very stringent goals. The efficient and effective utilization of natural resources is of prior importance at Blanco and a number of different measures to optimize energy efficiency were successfully implemented last year. A good example is the new LED-lighting in the production plants. The current face-lifted sustainability report, first published in 2008, and at that time completely new for this business branch, is a record of those projects which have been completed and those which are being planned.

The company’s 90th jubilee was celebrated in style in summer 2015. With festive activities at all German facilities employees and their relatives had a chance to look behind the scenes of Blanco and Blanco Professional. Achim Schreiber: “This ‘open day’ was a tribute to all those people who have made Blanco what it is today. Without their untiring engagement none of this would have been possible. Our thanks are also extended to the fantastic performance of our people for making the last year the best ever!”

BLANCO is based in Oberderdingen in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg and is a leading manufacturer of high quality sinks and mixer taps. The biggest German sink manufacturer is also, according to the latest report from the “Heine-Sanitär-Panel”, market leader in mixer taps in Germany. Additionally, the product portfolio offers waste system and accessories in-and-around the kitchen-sink. The company manufactures in-house sinks in all three materials, stainless steel, composite granite and ceramic.
The BLANCO Group employs a total of 1,400 people, 1,040 in Germany. The group includes numerous subsidiaries both at home and abroad, and especially in Europe, North America and Asia. In 2015 BLANCO achieved a consolidated annual turnover of €350 million. The company manufactures predominately at its production facilities in Sulzfeld and Sinsheim, close to where its headquarters are based, as well as in Toronto and Istanbul. Its European logistic centre is in Bruchsal.
Today, BLANCO (which was founded by Heinrich Blanc in 1925) and its sister company BLANCO Professional are majority-owned by the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. The family-owned company is committed to observing ethical business practices and has gained numerous awards as Top Employer. For further information please follow the link www.blanco-germany.com/en

BLANCO: board of directors zoom

(from left to right): Achim Schreiber (CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board), Wolfgang Schneider (CTO) and Rüdiger Böhle (CFO) are more than happy about the best turnover figures ever in the history of Blanco.

BLANCO Headquarter, Oberderdingen zoom

Headquarters of Blanco, Oberderdingen, Baden-Württemberg.

BLANCO quality zoom

At Blanco quality is written in capital letters: An employee from the stainless steel production plant in nearby Sulzfeld carries out a final quality control check.

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