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What you should know about SILGRANIT sinks

Frequently asked questions

What is the material SILGRANIT made of?

SILGRANIT consists of 80% natural granite. The granite is combined with an acrylic matrix, ceramic and colour pigments to give it its unbeatable characteristics.

Is the material heat resistant?

Yes, SILGRANIT is heat resistant to 280 °C

How sensitive is SILGRANIT to scratches and chipping?

SILGRANIT is as hard as stone, which makes it resistant to scratching and cutting. The normal impacts and blows such as those caused by pots and pans and falling objects, e.g. glasses, will not cause it to crack or chip.

Is the material safe for use with food?

Yes, SILGRANIT is perfectly safe for food use and completely hygienic.

How do I clean the surface?

SILGRANIT is very easy to clean. Stains and traces of use are easy to remove with a scouring sponge and a little water. For more stubborn marks, we recommend the use of a standard commercial cleaning product or BLANCOACTIV.

Do sinks made of SILGRANIT discolour over time?

No. The material is cast in a single pouring, and so is coloured through completely. Normal household use does not cause any discernible changes in colour. The colour also remains true in direct sunlight.

What can cause the dark marks and lines in the sink?

Because the surface of SILGRANIT is very hard and extremely wear resistant, metal objects (pots, saucepans, skillets etc.) can leave marks where they rub against it. These marks show up dark on a light-coloured sink.

How do I remove these marks?

These marks are easy to remove using a scouring sponge and a little water.

Can discoloration and stains/marks occur on SILGRANIT ?

No. Discoloration and marks/stains are the result of limescale deposits that, when dry, absorb liquids such as coffee, tea or red wine. This then creates the impression of discoloration of the sink surface.

Limescale deposits are easy to remove using a commercial washing detergent, acetic acid or similar, or BLANCOACTIV and water of at least 60°C. After soaking for 3-4 hours (ideally overnight), rinse the sink, then clean with a sponge and wipe dry

Is SILGRANIT patented and certified?

Yes, BLANCO holds seven exclusive patents for SILGRANIT® PuraDur®, which makes this material the only one of its kind in the world. Further confirmation of its excellent properties comes in the form of 3 neutral quality certificates from the LGA Nüremberg