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Double VISION! One Sink, Two Looks.


By: Cheryl Torrenueva
Date: June 2015

As a Designer, I’m constantly looking for clever ways to transform your decor, but at the same time, improve the way you live your life. Last month, I had two different kitchen projects which both had similar challenges revolving around the kitchen sink. With less than 48 hours to complete both projects, my choices were limited to top mount installations and choosing styles that fit within the existing cabinet measurements. Not an easy task, but of course I’m always up for a challenge!

Let’s start with my own home. I live in a loft in downtown Toronto and for years with constant travel and multiple projects, I never got around to doing upgrades to my own kitchen. The stainless one and a half basin sink that came with the unit wasn’t cutting it and I was desperate for a change after struggling to wash multiple roasting pans over the holidays. The existing quartz countertop is in great condition so it was something that I definitely wanted to keep. Since all of my appliances are already stainless steel, and the galley style kitchen isn’t large, I decided to go with the BLANCO SILGRANIT VISION 1 Single Bowl sink for a number of reasons. 1) The sink cut out was only ¼” difference in width which allowed my contractor to grind down the countertop and fit the new sink in perfectly. Note: If you’re going to do this, make sure to create a plastic barrier over the area that you are grinding, and cover all of the surrounding cabinets really well. The super fine dust will get into EVERYTHING…and trust me, I learned the hard way! The Anthracite colour matched perfectly with the quartz countertop and now creates the illusion of more counter space. No contrast this time, which draws your eye to the sleek and modern BLANCOCULINA MINI Faucet.

The VISION is perfect for my lifestyle: durability, function and sophistication all wrapped into one perfect sink.

Cheryl Torrenueva

After I completed my mini-makeover, I was given another quick turnaround project from the Marilyn Denis show. The challenge this time was to makeover an existing kitchen within 48 hours. Oh, and did I mention they had everything BUT the kitchen sink? That’s right, the homeowners couldn’t decide on how to proceed with their reno so they installed a vanity sink onto a plywood countertop instead. Yikes! I was completely shocked when I saw the sink in person but was on board to help them in any way that I could. I found out that they had purchased a second hand BLANCO STEELART double sink a few years back, but I felt that it wasn’t the best option for their lifestyle. With a family of 4, and a large collection of pots and pans, they needed something more flexible and with a bit more room. The house was built in the 1800’s so I decided to go for a Country Bistro feel. Rustic charm, clean lines and a touch of elegance was the goal here.


With only 48 hours, I needed to call in the designer troops…my super cool co-Judge Jeremy MacPherson (W Network’s Game of Homes) to help me with all the building needs for this project. He’s got an amazing eye for detail and I knew that he would be perfect for this project. And of course, I had my talented Junior Designer Nicole to help me pull all of the design elements together.

We had a laundry list of things to tackle, but I wanted to make sure that whatever was going to replace the vanity sink, would be the showstopper in the kitchen. I went through the Blanco Catalogue for hours, and once again, I was drawn to the BLANCO VISION style sink, but this time in Cinder. The top mount allowed us to install the sink and faucet quickly, and it works well with the butcher-block countertops that we installed. I chose the colour Cinder because it pulled the darker grey colouring from the faux metal backsplash. To create the country charm, I mixed metals as opposed to matching them perfectly so in this case, the chrome/cinder BLANCO MAESTRO faucet would stand out from the background.

Jeremy & Cheryl

Normally, I would say that a picture is worth 1000 words, but you must watch the Marilyn Denis segment to see the amazing transformation and witness Suzanne’s epic reaction during the reveal. It’s priceless!




Jeremy & Cheryl

So there you have it, one sink, two completely different looks. Whether you want to upgrade your sink like I did, or create the kitchen of your dreams, a simple switch of a sink and faucet can completely change your life!

Feel free to email me at design@cheryltorrenueva.com or use the hashtag #simplychercher on Instagram to show me your own mini kitchen makeovers!

SINK: 400174 – BLANCO VISION 1, Anthracite

SINK: 401401 – BLANCO VISION 1, Cinder
FAUCET: 401466 – BLANCO MAESTRO, Chrome/Cinder