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Discover the Beauty. Awaken the Senses. Explore the Colours.

SIlgranit Sink Colour Palette


Colour is such an important part of our lives, especially within our homes. It is a fundamental aspect of interior design, and we use it as a form of creative expression. It has the power to uplift us, energize us, soothe us and make us feel more alive.

Awaken your senses and explore our beautiful nature-inspired SILGRANIT® colours. Our palette of seven different warm and cool neutral tones are designed to help you create your perfect space. Whether you want drama with contrasting hues or a sense of tranquillity with harmonious tones - our palette has something for everyone.

Get inspired! SCROLL DOWN and discover what makes SILGRANIT® so sensational.

Cafe SILGRANIT sink colour close-up
Cafe SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

Café is a warm, deep rich brown that works beautifully with a variety of warm whites, warm grays and wood tones. Café provides contrast in a surprisingly calming fashion and can look fabulous in rustic industrial and transitional craftsman style kitchens.

Biscuit SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

A softer, warmer alternative to cool white, this creamy off-white still satisfies the need for a light fresh neutral. Biscuit can be used in many different kitchens such as; shabby chic, Paris bistro and coastal which feature soft blues, beiges, or light and breezy pastels.

Biscuit SILGRANIT sink colour close-up
SILGRANIT Cinder sink colour close-up
Cinder SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

Cinder is a dark, flat matte gray with a slight brown undertone, making it an extremely versatile warm gray. Perfect for contemporary spaces with warm neutral beiges, warm whites, woods, metals and even punches of bold colours.

White SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

White is the perfect blank canvas and will work in kitchens in almost any decor style. White is perfect for achieving that clean, serene harmonious kitchen style but is also wonderful for modern eclectic styles that incorporate bright colours, interesting textures, and patterns.

White SILGRANIT sink colour close up
Anthracite SILGRANIT sink colour close-up
Anthracite SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

Anthracite is dark, dramatic and very popular among designers. This colour is stunning in monochromatic, rustic industrial kitchens and when you look closely, it actually has a subtle silver sparkle. Anthracite also works beautifully in classic, clean, black and white kitchens.

Metallic Gray SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

Metallic Gray is a cooler, mid-tone gray with a brilliant silver sparkle. This colour is very adaptable, especially with a lot of the trending gray or white kitchens on the market. If you are looking to make the switch from stainless steel, this colour bridges that gap comfortably.

Metallic Gray SILGRANIT sink colour close-up
Truffle SILGRANIT sink colour close-up
Truffle SILGRANIT Precis with drainboard sink

Truffle is a unique colour - in some settings, it can have a cooler gray undertone, while in other settings it can be warm and light. This light taupey-greige lends itself to mid-century modern or Asian influenced styles characterized by simplicity and natural shapes.

Thinking about a SILGRANIT® sink colour? Use our Interactive Colour Tool to help you visualize different sink and countertop colour combinations!