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New Accessories

Our latest accessories are designed to perfectly complement your BLANCO sink or faucet.


Our selection of BLANCO® kitchen sink accessories perfectly complements your kitchen, turning your sink into a veritable workstation. We offer products that will guarantee to make a difference, whether you’re cleaning up or preparing a meal. From cutting boards, where you can slice and dice garden-fresh vegetables, to dish racks, for drying your newly-washed dishes, you have the option on how to customize the sink of your dreams.


Floating Cutting Board for IKON™ 30" and 33" Sinks

Our custom-fit IKON™ Apron Front Sink's floating cutting board is expertly designed to float along the walls of the sink as an additional work level to add comfort during prepping and cooking. It can also be easily removed and used directly on the countertop.

The floating cutting board is designed to be used with our IKON™ 30" and 33" sinks.


Stainless Steel Dish Rack for PROFINA™ Sink

The new PROFINA™ Apron Front Sink's thoughtful design includes an integrated accessory ledge, which allows custom accessories to slide across the sink with ease. The beautifully designed stainless steel dish rack is the perfect solution for rinsing and drying dishes all while saving countertop space.

(Cutting board included with sink).

BLANCO LIVEN Stainless Steel Basket

Stainless Steel Basket for LIVEN™ and QUATRUS™ R15 Laundry Sinks

Two new additions to the BLANCO sinks family, the LIVEN™ and QUATRUS™ laundry sinks, brings smart and beautiful design into the laundry room. A multi-purpose floating stainless steel basket, which rests on the sinks rim, allows for rinsing and storage all above the sink bottom, making hand-washing delicates easier than ever.

This basket is designed to fit the LIVEN™ and QUATRUS™ R15 Laundry Sinks.

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We offer a wide range of accessories to help perfect your kitchen experience, including colanders, workstations, and much more.