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Small Space Kitchens

From condominiums to tiny homes, BLANCO sinks are the optimum small space solution.


As downsizing continues to be a trend in the housing market, tiny homes are becoming more and more popular. This goes to show that tiny living is, in fact, a sustainable lifestyle - and a common one, as well! However, there can be some difficulty in finding the perfect kitchen design, as a working counter space must often compete with the space needed for a kitchen sink and faucet.

BLANCO gives you the option to choose from a variety of smaller sinks and faucets, ranging in size, shape, material and color. Here are a few products that could make a difference when planning your kitchen redesign.

The BLANCO PRECIS collection features a 24" and a 27" option that is designed to be a more compact fit for your kitchen. Its undermount installation helps to save additional (and sometimes crucial) inches on your counter space. And with its SILGRANIT® material, this sink is both scratch-resistant and heat-resistant up to 536 degrees.

BLANCO considers the ARTONA™ a “livable” kitchen faucet because of its organic style and ability to coordinate with the eight SILGRANIT® colors that are universally complementary with any living space, no matter size, style or aesthetic.

Our patented floating sink grid gently floats 5" above the sink bottom, and can be used as a second sink level for cleaning and prepping. It is strong enough to hold the weight of heavy pots and pans, making using your BLANCO sink that much easier. The grid can also be used as a countertop trivet for hot pots and pans.

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