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BLANCO extractor hoods by GUTMANN

Stylish designer kitchen extractor hoods

The increased importance now attached to the kitchen as the focal point of the home demands pure air and an attractive design in every shape and form.

BLANCO kitchen extractor hoods by GUTMANN makes wishes, dreams and incredible solutions a reality - tailored to the living space of the kitchen and adapted to suit the individual requirements of our customers, our stunning designs can make the extractor hood a true feature of your kitchen.


Choosing the right kitchen extractor hood

The BLANCO by GUTMANN extractor hoods are available in a range of standard designs or custom-made solutions to accommodate special requirements.

Classic wall-hoods

Classic wall extractor hoods

Angled wall-hoods

Angled wall extractor hoods

Island hoods

Island extractor hoods

Trough ventilations

Trough ventilations

Built-in hoods

Built-in extractor hoods


Built in extractor hoods

System technology

GUTMANN is well aware of the importance of a perfectly functioning ventilation system. The variations in the installation of an exhaust air path suitable for the entire system must not be ignored during the planning and project engineering of a ventilation situation. GUTMANN also offers numerous fan versions which meet the demands of various conditions. GUTMANN's extensive range of exhaust air component, can be optimised to meet every individual customer requirement.

GUTMANN System Concept


GUTMANN high-performance motors are extremely effective and have a long service life. All the fans are designed to be employed almost anywhere.. Individual tastes in terms of material or colour design are possible and samples are provided.


The comprehensive selection of exhaust components offered by GUTMANN can be optimised for every individual customer's needs.