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BLANCO stainless steel sinks add a designer look to the kitchen

Sleek, stylish and so refined


When you want a sink that not only looks good but is also functional, practical and easy to clean, stainless steel offers many benefits while adding a designer look to the kitchen. BLANCO Germany is one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel (plus Silgranit and ceramic) sinks, with a huge choice of designs to give your kitchen that cutting-edge look. BLANCO uses only the highest-quality 18/10 stainless steel and has a range of surface finishes to choose from – Satin Polish, Brushed Finish, Natural Finish and Linen Effect – so there’s something for every kitchen scheme.

Stainless steel is extremely versatile, complementing both classic and contemporary interiors. As a material, it’s ultra malleable, which enables BLANCO to create sinks with coordinated details, from the flush IF-rim to the elegant C-overflow® that fits seamlessly into the bowl. It’s hygienic, rustproof, stain-resistant, heat-resistant to 300˚C and easy to care for. It’s also environmentally friendly, as it’s 100% recyclable.

To maintain a sparkling sheen, clean daily with a damp micro-fibre cloth or a soft sponge with a household cleaning product. Dry after use and avoid harsh abrasives and scouring pads and for heavy limescale deposits, you can remove these the natural way with a 20% vinegar / 80% water solution or even some lemon juice diluted in water. If any surface rust does appear, opt for the BLANCO POLISH with a soft sponge and for stubborn stains, choose the BLANCO ANTIKALK.

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