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Super sink for steaming simplicity from BLANCO


Steam cooking has increased in popularity – fish, meat and vegetables retain almost all of their natural nutrition, flavour and aroma and it’s quick and simple. To make the preparation and presentation of steamed food even easier, BLANCO has introduced a Silgranit® PuraDur® sink which is designed specifically to accommodate steaming accessories.

The key component of the new BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus is the spacious bowl which features an integrated ledge designed to match all sizes of Gastronorm steam cooking containers produced by leading manufacturers. Containers can be placed over the bowl and spacious drainer while the cutting board slides over the sink for added convenience. The sink was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, making the whole steaming process as easy as possible. When the food is cooked, the hot container is simply placed on the sink to serve. The highquality Silgranit PuraDur sinks are not only extremely robust and easy to maintain but also heatproof to 280°.

To top off the look of this good-looking sink, the accessories are also ideal for efficient cooking and preparation – and, they look good too! There are two chopping boards; one in ash compound and the other in satin safety glass. Two high-quality perforated Gastronorm steam cooking containers are included and, at 65mm, they are a little deeper than most. The additional perforations on the sides of the BLANCO accessories ensure that the contents cook evenly.

The innovative BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus sink is available in a host of attractive colours, with models for both conventional installation from above and for flushmount installation.

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