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Bespoke kitchen worktops in stainless steel, expertly made by hand


BLANCO Durinox®.

The unique material innovation by STEELART.

BLANCO concept solutions


Custom-designed stainless steel worktops

The wide product range of BLANCO STEELART stainless steel solutions open up even more elegant design perspectives. With nearly endless possibilities in designing unique stainless steel worktops in a diverse range of edge designs and high-class individual elements.

STEELART can fulfil with certainty specific wishes of discerning customers. Choose one of three different finishes to create exactly the look you want. You can also integrate a flushmount sink into your worktop, for example, as well as attractively slender stainless steel lateral or back panels.

To find out more about creating your own bespoke solution, contact your nearest retailer .


STEELART stainless steel worktops are always custom-made by BLANCO, so you can choose the shape, size, edge design and depth. There are also different surface finishes available; choose from satin polish, satin matte and innovative Durinox® .


BLANCO Durinox®

By shooting a billion stainless steel balls at it at a speed of approx. 300km/h, BLANCO Durinox® obtains its superior properties: more than twice as hard as conventional stainless steel, highly resistant to scratches in standard domestic use, impervious to fingerprints. Like reinventing stainless steel.

BLANCO SolidEdge

BLANCO SolidEdge

BLANCO's SolidEdge stainless steel worktops offer a bespoke solution based on individual requirements and living styles. Unlike worktops made from natural materials like stone or wood, our SolidEdge range in stainless steel offers flexibility in terms of size and shape, and can be shaped to any measurement. BLANCO use only the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring nothing but quality after years of use.

BLANCO Durinox

BLANCO Durinox®

Tougher. More elegant. More exclusive.

BLANCO's Durinox® stainless steel worktop is notable for its special surface hardness. In comparison with conventional stainless steel worktops, worktops in Durinox® are more resilient to every day use and general wear and tear.

The special surface finish makes the innovative material extremely resistant to scratches and impervious to fingerprints.

The new surface provides a velvety-matte finish that makes the work area elegant, durable and sleek.