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Kitchen Sinks

With BLANCO you trust in German expertise in sink design and quality.

Make your choice in kitchen sink design and functionality

When designing the look and feel for your home, the kitchen plays a key role and deserves considerable thought. Kitchens today are not only practical; but need to look good and function efficiently while living up to your style expectations. And so do kitchen sinks in modern households.

BLANCO offers a very attractive kitchen sink selection from latest material innovations to the newest shapes and colours and from basic to very exclusive models. You will find a host of inspirational and innovative options to enhance your vision of your kitchen.

BLANCO Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel, granite or ceramic for your kitchen sink?

A kitchen sink is not only functional; it is also a complimentary piece of furniture. Whether you go for a hygienic, easy to clean and coloured granite sink , the natural look of a ceramic sink or a timeless and high quality stainless steel kitchen sink , all three materials have their advantages.

BLANCO SUBLINE 400-U granite sink and kitchen tap

Composite sinks based on granite combine the major advantages of classic granite sinks and composite sinks. The material composition consists of up to 80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite and a high quality acrylic matrix.

Due to its advantages the popularity of granite based kitchen sinks is continuously growing and so is the number of offerings on the market. The price difference between non-branded cheap offerings and high-end premium brands is not necessarily visible on the first sight. The difference lies in durability, cleaning, safety for food and feel that is determined by the quality of the ingredients and the material composition.

We committed to the development of a material that masters best the tension between feel, cleaning and care as well as durability. With SILGRANIT® PuraDur® we brought to market a state of the art material with seven exclusive patents and the confirmation of its excellent properties in the form of 3 neutral quality certificates.

The high share of natural granite gives the sink surface a high density of rock particles. That makes it almost as durable as natural granite sinks in terms of scratch, crack and heat resistance, however composite sinks are much easier to clean and provide better hygienic results. This is explained by the fine pored and closed surface structure that impedes contamination to adhere to or bond with it and causes water to simply roll off. That makes the kitchen sink very insensitive to limescale.

Even from a design perspective granite composite kitchen sinks can keep up with other materials. Those preferring a coloured kitchen sink can choose the preferred sink in 9 different colours. The material is cast in a single pouring, and so is coloured through completely. Besides we only use lightfast colours produced and tested according to DIN standards. This means in effect that colours do not fade over time but remain their original colour.

BLANCO ANDANO XL 6 IF stainless steel sink and kitchen tap

Traditional stainless steel sinks with their clean lines and shapes are very popular with kitchen professionals. Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel offer first class durability that keeps pace with the daily strains in professional kitchens and their extraordinary standards for cleanliness. But also gourmet and amateur chefs appreciate the product properties of this material. Stainless steel kitchen sinks easily withstand hot pots and pans as they are heat resistant. The smooth and non-porous surface comply to the most rigorous hygienic standards and therefore it is highly suitable for food use. You can easily prepare your chicken at the sink without worrying that other ingredients can be contaminated after you have rinsed it off with warm clear water.

However quality varies according to the kind of stainless steel being processed. BLANCO UK mainly uses so called 18/10 stainless steel. The number indicates the percentage of chrome and nickel added. Both make the material rust-resistant and especially hard wearing. Usually the amount of chrome is higher as the material is more affordable then nickel. Thus the label is a very good indicator for the level of quality.

But also processing expertise is a very good quality indicator and is reflected in the price. The tighter the radii of the sink corners the more real craftsmanship is needed, because welding work is required, whereas kitchen sinks with rounded corners are mechanically drawn in shape. Besides the more sophisticated and architectural design, welded sinks have a greater material thickness. The thickness is indicated in gauge. The lower the gauge the thicker the material. You can experience the difference both in feel and sound. Sinks made of thicker stainless steel gauge sinks are less prone to dents, they are less noisy and tinny while being in use.

BLANCO TOLON XL 6 S ceramic sink and kitchen tap

Ceramic sinks are the standard for bathroom equipment, but ceramic is also enjoying more popularity as a kitchen sink material, too. Besides its resistance towards limescale and stains, they are appreciated for creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere. BLANCO ceramic sinks blend happily both with traditional kitchens as well as modern designs. As they come in a variety of colours, they perfectly provide contrast or match existing colours and shapes. Besides a great colour range you can also choose whether you prefer a glazed or matt surface.

Drop-in, or inset, sink installation

Probably most conventional installation technique is the so called drop-in, or inset, kitchen sink installation.The sink centre is simply inserted from above into a prepared cut-out in your worktop. This installation method offers the greatest kitchen sink product range from design to material options. Thus choosing a drop-in or inset kitchen sink does not have to be boring at all. You have multiple options to give your sink center a bold or elegant look even if you are going with a laminate worktop.

While many people aspire to the elegant flushmount installation, many of them do not want to use their budget for an exclusive granite worktop. For all of those, BLANCO offers the award-winning IF flat edge technology. Sitting almost completely flush with the worktop, at a depth of just 1mm, they combine a virtually flush-fit look with modern charm and even lower-cost worktops.

We offer a wide product programme of stainless steel sinks with the flat rim IF, but also granite lovers will make a find with the BLANCO SUBLINE. The BLANCO SUBLINE is a unique material mix of stainless steel and SILGRANIT® PuraDur®.

Kitchen sinks and taps
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen sink detail
Sink detail

Kitchen sink design that respects perfect harmony and ergonomics to kitchen design

BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 SteamerPlus granite kitchen sink

Did you realize that 60% of time in the kitchen is spent at the sink? Thus the kitchen sink is the most important workplace in the kitchen. To ensure that food preparation, washing and cutting and other important tasks are as efficient as possible our multidisciplinary teams constantly work on the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Our kitchen sinks incorporate the benefits of sensible space utilisations, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning. It is our priority to ensure that kitchen sink design, colour and style suits your overall kitchen look.

How to match the right sink to your kitchen

As Germany's leading kitchen sinks manufacturer BLANCO offers its experience in integrating kitchen furniture with your existing or new appliances and units. As specialists in kitchen sinks and kitchen taps we have extensive knowledge and expertise in this area and an extensive range of options to suit your needs. With our expertise we support you in the right choice of kitchen sink whether you have questions about the right installation method , to create tasteful combinations of kitchen sink, taps and worktop with our interactive design tools colour assistant and model assistant .

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen Sinks

Designer kitchen sink

Designer kitchen sinks

Sink with topmount installation

Sink with topmount installation

BLANCO Stainless steel IF rim

BLANCO Stainless steel IF rim