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Water filter taps

Fresh filtered water instantly

Filtered water

Water Filter Taps from BLANCO reduce limescale

If you are living in a hard water area you may have an issue with lime scale, the use of a filter water reduces and in some cases removes lime scale completely.

It has become more common for people to now filter tap water before making tea or coffee to prevent the build up of lime scale in their kettles and improve the taste of their drinks.

Coffeemakers also use special filters to brew coffee but instead of endlessly purchasing overpriced filter disks why not use filtered water and save money and your coffee machine.

Water Filter Taps from BLANCO are good for the environment


While some of us have no problem at all with drinking tap water, others feel its quality and taste are poor. As a result, there is a growing demand for alternatives. These include buying bottled water which can become expensive and harmful to the environment.

Today in Britain, we drink more than 200 times as much bottled water as we did 30 years ago. The environmental costs are significant, both in terms of transporting the water from its source to retailers along with the enormous waste created by bottles themselves, many of which are not recycled.

Water Filter Taps from BLANCO help to save you money

The BLANCO filter tap range represents one of the most efficient home filter systems available on the market. This is clearly reflected in the following numbers:

  • by actively processing up to 6000 litres of filtered water before replacing the filter, the BLANCO system delivers far more than most other systems on the market.
  • with annual running costs of approximately £70 (excl the kitchen tap ) the cost per litre of filtered drinking water is less than 1p per litre

So you no longer have to waste money on bottled water when you can have filtered water quite literally on tap.

Water filter taps from BLANCO do not compromise on design

The stylish design of our water filter taps BLANCO FILTRA Pro and BLANCO FILTRA FLOW complement every kitchen while the controls are simple to operate.

water filter taps
BLANCO Filtra Pro

Water filter taps from BLANCO are sophisticated and easy to use

technical exlplanation of water filter taps by BLANCO

How does it work?

It is simple. The water filter tap taps cold water directly from the cold water mains supply and sends it through the filter processing it directly from source so you will constantly have a flow of fresh filtered water.

With a diverter valve, shown as the filtered water control in the image, the water is isolated from the regular hot and cold domestic water supply, ensuring that the high quality of the filtered drinking water is maintained at all times.

The heavy metal water filer cartridge is designed to dispense a large volume of fresh filtered water, up to 6000 litres (before replacing the cartridge).

filtered water tap outside view

BLANCO Filter taps

  • The tap requires a standard 35mm tap hole and can be installed in the same way as a standard monobloc tap; either as part of new kitchen or retro fitted. No additional plumbing services are required.
  • A single control at the base of the tap releases the fresh filtered water. The supply is completely isolated from the regular hot and cold water supply ensuring that the high quality of the freshly filtered water is maintained at all times.
  • The taps operate between 1.0 and 1.5bar water pressure. While lesser pressure will not affect the flow of the filtered water, taps operating below 1.0bar may not be able to guarantee a high flow of hot water.
  • The two stylish models, Pro and FLOW, are designed to complement every style of kitchen.
Heavy metal filter cartridge

Filtered cartridge

  • The filter is a heavy metal model that has been developed in the UK especially for UK water systems.
  • The heavy metal cartridge filters the regular tap water to provide an endless supply of clear, refreshing, high quality drinking water.
  • The water filter cartridge is designed to dispense a large volume of filtered fresh water - up to 6000 litres - before replacement.
  • The water filter is genuinely bacteriostatic. Even at the end of its life, the filter shows no increase in bacteria.
  • The water filter is easy to change and can be ordered from BLANCO Services .