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Instant boiling water. Engineered to be better.

BLANCO tampera

Introducing the new TAMPERA Hot. Everything you need, as standard.

Whether you want to make fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, without a boiling water tap, you just have to wait.

Not with the smart BLANCO TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 tap. Cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap. Smart stuff. Having boiling water on-tap without having to wait is a real advantage and saves valuable time. The mixer tap is controlled via a separate hot water rotary knob with a safety catch. After every use, the rotary knob springs straight back to the original position, ensuring maximum safety.

We have developed the TAMPERA Hot to give you all the time, energy and space-saving benefits of a hot tap, but without lots of optional extras and with none of the worry. As you would expect from BLANCO, it’s engineered to be better.

Smart Benefits at a glance

Smart benefits at a glance:

• Up to 2.5 litres of boiling hot, filtered water instantly

• Resistant titanium boiler with a total 4-litre capacity

• Power consumption in operating mode: 2,100 W

• Energy-efficient: Power consumption in stand-by mode approx. 16 W

• Includes top-quality BWT multi-stage filter

• Flowmeter with real-time filter capacity display

• Heating time when boiler has just been filled: approx. 15 minutes


Safe even for little ones: hot water flows only when safety button is pressed and the rotary is turned at the same time.


Safety first: as soon as you release the rotary knob, it springs straight back to the original position and the water stops flowing.


The insulated spout and the concentrated, low-spray flow of aerated water protect your hands.

A press and turn safety button. An insulated spout that stays cool. Reassuring child-safe.


The 3-in-1 mixer tap with a rotary knob for boiling hot water and a mixer lever for warm and cold water


The smart mixer tap can be retrofitted into existing kitchens. The titanium boiler and filter are hidden away in the base cabinet.


The system offers enough room to combine it with the BLANCO SELECT Compact 60/2 waste management system.

Is waiting around for the kettle to boil really necessary in this day and age? Be smart and save yourself all that. The TAMPERA Hot will give you valuable extra space on your worktop, not to mention freeing up precious time for the important things in life.